Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Spicy leek and bean stew

Cannellini beans
Tinned tomatoes

Put in pot and cook til yummy! Add lemon juice and parsley. Eat!

Quinoa with black beans and veg

This is based on a dish in One Dish Vegan by Robin Robertson. It's quinoa cooked in stock with veg, then you add black beans and basil. I just use whatever veg I have to hand, think this time I used courgette and fennel and a pepper. It is, of course, topped with hot sauce!

Chickpea and rice soup

I'm baaaaack! To be honest I'd forgotten all about my wee blog. Silly me!
So to get started, I made the chickpea and rice soup from Isa Does It. Would highly recommend the book it is a work of art! This soup is so easy and is great for clearing out the fridge or raiding the end-of-day section at the supermarket to make a really quick and filling meal.
Basically it's chickpeas and rice with cabbage and carrots and dill. I also added chilli flakes and parsley. It made loads too!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Parsnip and pepper dal

Made this one up myself! I cooked 160g red lentils in stock w turmeric and added a large diced parsnip about half way through cooking. I also fried an onion, a pepper and some diced fresh tomatoes with a tbsp of panch phoran and some chilli flakes. Then I just mixed the lot together. As with such things it was scrummy for breakfast the next day too!

Glasgow trip

Lunch in Cafe Saramago on Sauchiehall Street. Wow!! They have an astoudning menu and we found it really hard to choose but we decided on seven small plates between three of us.
We had bread, baba ganoush, patatas bravas, aubergines w chilli, courgettes w raisins and pinenuts, artichoke hearts and asparagus w ginger and cashews. Excellent service and Masterchef's Nadia Sawalha was there too!

Boojum burrito bowl

I am often to be found in Boojum in Belfast. I thought I would have a go at making my own burrito bowl and it turned out ok! I fried peppers and onions then added a tin of black beans and a packet of Tilda lime and coriander rice. I served with salsa Verde, jalapenos and a squeeze of lime.

Roast vegetable and lentil salad

This is the creation of my good friend Susie and I make it regularly. I use the Merchant Gourmet lentil pouches as I find them very tasty but you could use a tin of lentils or cook your own from dried.

I roasted BNS, onion, peppers and mushrooms then mixed with lentils and served on a bed of lettuce.