Monday, 19 March 2012

Aubergine and chickpea balti

This Vegetarian Society recipe is a real winner! I didn't have all the necessary spices and I was in a rush so I just cooked it all in together - I fried the spuds and aubergine with some panch phoran and then just added the remaining ingredients. I had some lovely organic spinach to use up so threw it in at the end. It was even nicer the next day!

Sweet potato and kale tofu scramble

This recipe comes from Vegan Brunch which I bought last year but have only read recently. I didn't have sesame seeds so I used some Dukkah instead. It was really tasty and very filling - I couldn't finish mine!

Eggplant lentil chilli mole

Back to Appetite for Reduction for this one:

It might look a bit ungainly but it packs a punch - went down really well with the friend I cooked it for. Reminds me I have one portion left in my freezer!

Broccoli curry udon

This is one of my new favourite things - so easy and tasty. I even made it again but with Redwood chicken-style pieces - was just like my childhood memories of chicken noodle soup - really good comfort food. Would highly recommend this one!

Pepper fennel paella

Just a quick post on this one - I followed the same recipe as for my Winter Vegetable Paella but used peppers and fennel. A really tasty combination!

Flower sprouts

What can I say about flower sprouts... I LOVE THEM! I buy a couple of packs from M&S every weekend right now. I love them just chopped and sauteed with fry spray then I add a littel flavoured salt and serve - you want them almost burnt.

However, here are two other ways that I have served them. The first is a packet of Lifestyle Organics bulgar wheat, cooked with a chopped yellow pepper and served with fried sprouts. The second is a warm salad of sprouts, chilli, chickpeas and smoked tofu served on a bed of rocket. Both really yum but the warm salad was the best!

Curried lentil stew

I pretty much was set on making curried lentil soup... but when I made it, it looked so nice and thick and chunky that I left it as a stew instead. It's basically carrots, leeks, celery, red lentils, stock and curry powder - not too much stock to make it more of a stew than a soup. Back in February when it was still cold, this was yum!

Broccoli rice bake

Sorry again for the lack of posts - lots to come today!

I made this - well, after a fashion anyway. I didn't have time to bake it, didn't have any vegan cheese and was off wheat - so I made the rice and broccoli and sauce and just mixed it up and ate it. Will do it again as a bake with some sliced tomatoes on top :-)