Friday, 16 November 2012

Curried aubergine and potato pie

Curried aubergine & potato pie recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food
My mum just made this for me and it was delish. My only tip is to cut the aubergine quite small, or else maybe precook it as some of the chunks were a little undercooked. Otherwise very yummy and filling too- you only need a salad or green veg with it!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Healthy Surprise #2

Got my second box from Healthy Surprise. Went for the medium this time as the postage is cheaper and I don't really need so much.... Not really!
So this time I got:
Nori wrapped power wraps
Pumpkin sprouties
Live Smart flax bar
Hail Merry vanilla maple almonds
Mango Joebar
Peter Rabbit two strawberry and banana snacks
Home Free vanilla cookies
Olomomo chai bliss almonds
Pitaya Plus dried pitaya
Hail Merry lemon thyme pecans
Skinny Crisps cinnamon crisps
Sea Snax
Fuji apple crisps
Buffalo Bill cowboy kale chips
Fearless exploding coconut chocolate
Sunridge Farms sliced almonds

I will of course report back on how everything is as I eat my way through it all! Can't wait to try the lemon thyme pecans and the cowboy kale chips. And the chocolate and the cinnamon crisps. ALL of it really!!!