Friday, 31 December 2010

Stormont/Greenway, 31.12.10

Well I thought I'd see out the old year with a good walk, to get me back into the training groove. We did about eight miles - from the Holywood Road up the Belmont Road to Stormont, down the mile, up the Upper N'ards Road and on to the Greenway at East Link. Walked back down to the Sandown Road and went to Jellybean for lunch. Falafel 'squashie' and carrot & parsnip soup - great stuff! Feeling a little weary for it now though!

Also thought I should add a quick note re the title of this blog. Those who know me know only too well my complete hatred of goat's cheese. It's the devil's boke! I detest it and I detest even more 'chefs' who think it makes a suitable veggie option. Thankfully loathing it makes going vegan a good bit easier :-)

Lastly, Happy New Year for 2011!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Welcome to 'Hold the Goat's Cheese'

Hi and welcome to my first ever blog. I plan to write, sporadically but hopefully with plenty of enthusiasm, about the things that I love to do. Mostly food and my attempts to go fully vegan but also walking, music and wildlife. I know there's not much to see right now but I'm working on it and hope to get started properly in the new year. Bye for now!