Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Spicy leek and bean stew

Cannellini beans
Tinned tomatoes

Put in pot and cook til yummy! Add lemon juice and parsley. Eat!

Quinoa with black beans and veg

This is based on a dish in One Dish Vegan by Robin Robertson. It's quinoa cooked in stock with veg, then you add black beans and basil. I just use whatever veg I have to hand, think this time I used courgette and fennel and a pepper. It is, of course, topped with hot sauce!

Chickpea and rice soup

I'm baaaaack! To be honest I'd forgotten all about my wee blog. Silly me!
So to get started, I made the chickpea and rice soup from Isa Does It. Would highly recommend the book it is a work of art! This soup is so easy and is great for clearing out the fridge or raiding the end-of-day section at the supermarket to make a really quick and filling meal.
Basically it's chickpeas and rice with cabbage and carrots and dill. I also added chilli flakes and parsley. It made loads too!