Thursday, 25 August 2011

Spanish Stew

This is another adaptation from the wonderful Moosewood Cooking for Health - I've gone through the whole book and there is now a forest of post-its stuck to half the pages!

To make the Spanish Stew, it couldn't be easier - chop an onion, a chilli, some garlic, a red pepper, a small butternut squash (or a couple of sweet potatoes) and lots of green beans (I used runner beans). Fry in a little oil then add about 150ml of stock, a tin of tomatoes, a tsp of thyme and two tsps of smoked paprika. When the squash is cooked, add a tin of drained butter beans and warm through. Season with  plenty of black pepper.

I don't think the picture does it justice!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Two kinda similar rice dishes

Am making the most of all my lovely fresh produce from Root and Branch. I've had loads of courgettes and chard - two of my favourite things. In the first photo below, I made a simple plain risotto with onions and garlic. Then I fried sliced courgettes and chard and used them to top the risotto with plenty of black pepper. So simple and yet so tasty!

The second dish is a Paella adapted from Easy Vegan. Similarly to the risotto, you make a plain paella with onion, garlic and saffron. I then fried some courgettes, broad beans, chard and chopped fresh tomatoes before adding to the rice with loads of fresh parsley. I've made this again since, using green beans as well. Both were very delicious!

Delicious salads!

There is a stall at St George's Market most Saturday mornings of which I am a HUGE fan. It's called Delicious and is run by the lovely Anne and Donal. She makes the most amazing salads as well as little pies, potato cakes and her own wheaten bread. It's not all veggie but a lot of it is, and a lot of that is vegan too.

Anyway I buy off them as often as I can and it does me weekend and early-weekday lunches. Below is just an example of her butter bean salad and puy lentil salad, along with some leaves and baby beets. Super tasty. They weren't there today - must be on hols - I was gutted!!!